Saturday, April 29, 2006

Save the Internet.

In the interest of free speech on the net, please visit this site link and add a link to it on your site or blog.

Congress is getting ready to let the telecoms decide which sites to let you load quickly and which not.

Bandwidth will go only to the highest bidder. Don't let the greatest experiment in free speech in the history of humanity, be wittled away by greedy telecom corporations!

Don't let politcal speech be legally curtailed.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I want one!

Remember drawing on the floor as a kid? And how much better it was?

Not so easy as an adult. But this guy has the right idea. With my back problems I could totally see building one of these.
Just substitute some confortable memory foam for the chest and forehead pieces, or maybe something more like a hamock.

In any case, I could see raising it all up a bit, putting a flat screen monitor on the floor...

O.K., I know it's riduculous, but when you spend as many hours as I do at a computer doing art, any new idea for back relief has to be considered.

Oh, and it's raised up so the paper can slide underneath him for oversized work. (This would also be useful for cutting large Mattes.)

I doubt you will see this on American inventor.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Real World Simpsons Intro!

Someone has created an amazing, shot for shot real-world recreation of the opening sequence to "The Simpsons."
Even all the background characters, from Moe, to Barney, to Chief Wiggum, even Bleeding Gums Murphy is in there!

Just click on the image below to watch!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

For my Mac Friends...

I'm having a geek-gasm!

Every now and then a utility comes out that makes you say...
Well Duh!!!!

Disk Inventory X is one I have to highly recommend. (OSX)

This wonderful shareware program generates discrete color coded blocks from treemaps of your files and file groups.
A very clear graphic representation of your disk usage, (better than Norton ever did.)

It's non-destructive in and of itself, but when you click on the blocks you can see exactly what they are. Then you call them up in the finder to move, edit, delete or whatever.

It's so user friendly, gained back 3.5 gigs on my main drive within 10 minutes of first launching it.

Perfect for getting rid of those redundant copies of back-ups etc. Also for finding that errant Photoshop file that's 4 times the needed size and sucking up your drive space. Not to mention any scratch disk space left over from a Photoshop crash.

You can get it at

Thanks to for sharing this gem with the world.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Your private info in the future.

Click on the title of this post. Funny AND Scary.
Make sure your sound is on first.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Son is doing O.K.

At the moment my son is doing O.K. The medication he is on has halted the hives.
He returned to school today.

The problem is that as soon as he stops the meds, he was flaring up again, and he can't stay on long because it weakens his immune system.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Unemployed Again.

I'm a single Dad.

I spent last night until 4:00 AM in the emergency room with my son. He was covered from had to toe in hives. His fingers and toes were swollen like sausages. His lips were 3 times regular size. His tongue was swollen and he could barely speak. His eyes were red and puffy.

The meds they gave him knocked him out and I was told to expect him to sleep all day.

I called work and left a message why I would be late.

While I was on my way in, the owner called and told me not to bother, that I was fired for being late.
I made sure he had recieved the message as to "why".

He had.

Good ridance.

I didn't need this right now, but life is WAY to short.

And my life is way too complicated to have yet another Psycho to deal with.